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bumped to $1,815.00!!.......

Great fundraising day yesterday!! bumped to $1,815.00!! only $685 left to go! This is fantastic!!

Be a part of the Kink Ador Story!!


Status check...five GREAT reasons to give $5...

Ok my friends (yes YOU!) is the day to contribute..why you ask? well here are five great reasons to give $5 to the Kink Ador new music fund:

1. Andrew Sovine is a genius musician/guitar player, and you can say you knew him when
2. Have a John Cusack - High Fidelity moment "get your name in the liner notes"
3. Touch Johnny Cash's Jukebox at the 16 Ton Studio VIP party
4. You went to High School with Brad Naylor, and you remember him playing trombone
5. Become a true patron of the arts as repentance for all the mp3's you stole in the 90's.


bumped again! $945 total and $1,555 to go! almost there

wow...bumped again! $945 total... we are getting close the halfway point! $1,555 to go... I just got word that anyone that contributes $20 or more will get a special t-shirt including all the other good stuff, like a Thank you in the liner notes, and signed copies of the new EP!

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What a great day! another $140.. makes $900 total $1600 to go!

what a great day!! plus another $140, making $900 total!!! only another $1,600 to go, we are getting close. Become part of the Kink Ador story, and get some new music at the same time!

So far we've got $760.00!...$1740 to go. YOU rock...

So far we've got $760.00!

$1740.00 to go!

Learn about giving to the new music fund and supporting the release of Kink Ador's 3rd EP, 'The Shape of Life'


$1800.00 to go!

 So far we've got $700.00!
$1800.00 to go!

updated at 4:04pm Nov. 4rd, 09
Thanks to Sound Bites Dog for donating Mastering services!


$2320 to go! Help Fund the First Pressing of Kink Ador's next EP.

Help Fund the First Pressing of Kink Ador's 3rd EP - 'The Shape of Life'

Kink Ador is an independent band that thrives on the support of fans like you!

 Kink Ador recorded all the tracks at their favorite studio, 16 Ton Studios, over on 16th Ave South, in Nashville, TN with their friend and co-producer Michael Esser. Michael Esser and Brad Naylor are the official drum captains, since they are so creative when they record the drum sounds live in the studio. Sharon and Andrew always feel at home over at 16 Ton as well.

Sharon's vocals on these new tracks stand as further proof that she is a world class singer and lyricist (not to mention funky bassist.) Oh, and Sharon makes her trumpet playing debut on this EP as well, by playing some nice riffs on 'The Shape of Life to Come.'

Andrew Sovine really shines on this set of recordings by playing guitar, and slide guitar. The Slide guitar on track 'Tell Me So' gives the song a cool island vibe. The aggressive and rhythmic playing style that Andrew has created over the past couple years really shines on the track 'Belle Amoure.'

'The Shape of Life' album has already been recorded and all the tracks are mixed. Kink Ador needs your help to get the EP mastered, and then have the first pressing duplicated. The recording of the EP was just completed in November. And now it's time to release it!

To master and duplicate the first pressing Kink Ador needs to raise $2,500.

This is a feat that we can accomplish together, become a part of the Kink Ador story! Depending on the amount of your contribution, you will receive signed copies of the EP, and be invited to a VIP listening party and tour at 16 Ton Studios.