finished tracking on 3 new songs

1. Apollo in Love
2. Synethesia (Everybody Really Wants to)
3. Into Us

We started recording these 3 tracks a couple weeks ago... over a weekend, we did all the instrumental tracking live at 16 Ton Studios with Michael Esser engineering and Stinson, of Radical Notion, producing the session. It was an intense couple of days and we captured some stellar performances by the band. I loved tracking the songs live; the music has a sense of urgency that makes the emotion come through the tape (yes we tracked the band live to tape...mmm analog). Then, we decided to do all the vocals in a more intimate setting. We just finished tracking all the vocals for these 3 songs yesterday at Stinson's apartment in Nashville. We managed to borrow my favorite recording vocal mic, the Electro-Voice RE20  from a friend of Nick's (thank you!) That mic gives a sexy response to my huge voice.

All that we've got left to do on these songs is some backing vocals... I'll keep you posted on when we are doing those. - sharon

in the meantime check out the mentions:

and I can never say 16 Ton studios without thinking of this song: